Committee Tasks


Digital/Graphic Design & Merchandise Lead

·      Creates templates for digital content as well as personalized content for social media images, email images, and advertising

·      Creates design for merchandise and is the liaison for campaigning

Social Media/Website Lead

·      Manages distribution of social media content (IG, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

·      Manages and updates content on the UMBA website each quarter and throughout the year as needed

·      Creates and tracks Wolverine Wednesday spotlights year round

Email Campaign Lead

·      Outlines, schedules, and creates UMBA newsletter campaigns

·      Sends emails out that are requested by other UMBA board members

Alumni Engagement

Regional/City Ambassador Leads

·       Ambassador lead to host periodic alumni engagement meetings

·       Engage regional alumni a minimum of 4 times per calendar year

·       Community service

·       Social mixer

·       Sports related/game watch party

·       Professional development

·       Communicates event and regional business with their regional Alumni Engagement Chair


Student Engagement

Student Advisory Council Lead

·      Form Student Advisory Council of ~ 5 students representing multiple colleges at the University and multiple clubs

·      Meet quarterly with Student Advisory Council to hear needs of students

Student Recruitment Liaison

·      Work with OAMI to help engage UMBA at events

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