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MANY Generations. ONE Experience.

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In 1976, a small group of Black alumni decided to organize a reunion of black graduates of the University of Michigan. The idea for the event grew out of recognition that if Black Alumni were to continue to be a part of their alma mater, we would need them to return to the University in greater numbers and become active in the affairs of the Alumni Association and the University (AAUM).  This group of committed alumni coordinated an annual event that became known as the Annual All-Class Reunion of Black Graduates (RBG) of the University of Michigan.   After several years of continued success and growth, the event has become the pinnacle event of the organization. The event occurs every year during the U-M Homecoming Weekend.

Seeing the success of the RBG, other Black alumni-inspired initiatives and activities began to ensue.  One of the most notable of these initiatives is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund, which was created to help defer tuition cost and recognize the academic excellence of high school seniors who have been accepted to University of Michigan.  Active involvement of Black Alumni in student recruitment and mentorship programs were also integral to the growth of the organization.

In 1994, there was a reorganization of the group. The AAUM officially recognized and incorporated the organization as a Special Interest Affiliate.  From this point, the group would be known as African American Alumni Council (AAAC).  They governed under this name until 2014. Recognizing that U-M has Black alumni from around the world, the group decided that University of Michigan Black Alumni was a more befitting name that was all-inclusive and better represented the alumni demographic that we serve.

Black alumni around the world continue to build on the tradition of commitment and leadership.

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University of Michigan Black Alumni (UMBA) is a special affiliate of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM) that aims to foster communication, fellowship and professional development of present and future black alumni of U of M. We strive to enhance the alumni experience by providing educational, networking, and social opportunities.

We encourage you to visit the site often to stay abreast of UMBA activities. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at:


The University of Michigan Black Alumni goals and aspirations are:

  • Increase the involvement of Black Alumni in the Alumni Association of University of Michigan (AAUM)

  • Increase involvement of Black Alumni in U-M programs, activities, and events

  • Develop and advance scholarship programs that aid Black students in pursuing their educational goals at the U-M

  • Inform alumni of the concerns, problems, and progress of Black alumni, students, faculty, and staff

  • Provide an environment of support and camaraderie for Black alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends

  • Assist the U-M in identifying ways to implement initiatives determined to enhance the performance and educational experience of Black students, focus on mentorship of Black students, and contribute to student recruitment and retention programs.

Through these and other efforts, Black Alumni are building a tradition of leadership and commitment to the University of Michigan and the Black community.


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