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3 years ago, University of Michigan Black Alumni Sidney Bailey IV and Ronnie Johnson Jr., in collaboration with UMBA, put together a "50 Mile Walk/Run challenge" for fellow U of M Black Alumni in August 2020. Created as a way to encourage us to stay active in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a way to feel connected with each other while the world was on lockdown, the hope was that this challenge would serve as something consistent in uncertain times. Over time, this challenge has evolved into encouraging other areas of fitness such as cycling, swimming, power lifting, yoga, and just being overall active. 

In the beginning, Ronnie and I held "Saturday check ins" through Facebook Live or Zoom as a way to see how everyone's progress was coming, share information and tips, speak with other UMBA participants, and pray for the health and well being of all. These check ins as well as our shout outs in the Facebook group and beyond were the foundation of what we called "The Village". 

We're all either striving for, starting to be, or have remained active! THIS VILLAGE IS 2 YEARS STRONG! This is TRULY "The Michigan Difference". Thank you to everyone that's been on this journey since Day 1 and for all that have joined over time. Continue to invite your classmates and fellow Michigan Black Alumni. Though we started with the 50 Mile Walk/Run challenge, I think everyone can agree that we are now so much more! So join this 2 YEAR CELEBRATION and hop in one of this month's challenges.

Join this 3 Year Celebration and Hop In on a Challenge!

  • 50 Mile Walk/Run Challenge (Nike Run Club App)

  • 250 Mile Cycling Challenge (Indoor or Outdoor on your app of choice)

  • 500 Active Minutes Challenge (Tracked on your app of choice)

  • You can also just post what you are doing to be active! Your fitness journey inspires all of us!

Join the UMBA Fitness Facebook Group Today!

A happy laughing young African American couple with big smiles riding their bicycles outsi
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  • #UMBA50Miles

  • #UMBA250Miles

  • #UMBA500Minutes

  • #UMBAFitness

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