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How do I become a member of UMBA?

Membership in the UMBA is FREE OF CHARGE with an active paid Alumni Association of University of Michigan (AAUM) membership! To learn more about member advantages, discounts how to join or renew your membership click HERE. In order to identify as a UMBA member, use the promo code UniteUMBA.

Does my AAUM membership help support UMBA?

The AAUM is a membership organization and 100% self-supported. By becoming a paid member, your contribution helps support the programs of the AAUM, its clubs and affiliates.  UMBA is designated a special affiliate of the AAUM, so your financial contributions most certainly support our programming efforts.

How can I join the UMBA leadership?

We need you! No matter where you live!  If you would like to get involved in the governance of UMBA, please contact us at  We have various leadership opportunities available that include but are not limited to: activity volunteer, committee member, committee chair, Satellite Chapter Board of Director positions and Executive Board Positions.  

Does the UMBA have chapters outside of Michigan?

Please contact us at so that we can connect you with the leadership in your local area.  If there is not an established satellite chapter in your area, we encourage you to start one and will gladly help facilitate that process.

How can I remain informed about UMBA initiatives?

There are several ways to remain connected to the UMBA. If you do not receive our emails or want to update your information, click HERE . UMBA can also be found on several social media streams such as: FacebookLinked InTwitterYouTube, Google+  and  Instagram.  We encourage you to join these outlets and become an active contributor to our growing community. 

What types of events does the UMBA host?

Our biggest event of the year is the Homecoming Reunion Celebration.  However, we also host various types of programming throughout the year in different locations around the country that focuses on engaging alumni, nurturing relationships with current students and potential students, and continuing to foster a home for UMBA. We also collaborate with the local AAUM clubs around the country. 

How do I disseminate the information appropriately?

We encourage the active dialogue and communication of information to our UMBA network.  Since there is a vast, yet diverse interest in topics and the priority placed on certain subjects may vary, we encourage you to utilize UMBA social media outlets to broadcast information. Out of respect for privacy and consideration to our alumni we do not release or give access to our distribution lists.  We will try to keep email blast to a minimum and only distribute information that we deem important. If you want to have something posted to the website, please email with the information. The appropriateness of the content will be reviewed and posted as seen fit via the appropriate media stream.

Do I have to be a U-M alumnus to participate with the UMBA?

No! We welcome all alumni, friends and fans to participate in our activities. Learn more about the benefits of Non-Alumni membership by clicking HERE.

How do I donate or become a sponsor of the UMBA?

For a information on how to become a sponsor email us at or DOWNLOAD a sponsor packet. 

Does UMBA have merchandise for purchase?

Please visit our website store to see the selection and availability of products 

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